Death Note Icons and Headers

So, I have discovered a way to take beautifully clear screenshots directly from my video player, and this occurrence screamed for icons and headers.

Enjoy! Ryuk icons created for the insane shadowsvixen with mucho luff.

-9 icons
-6 headers*
-Comments are &hearts
-Credit is &hearts

*Headers are 650X300: Ideal for those new, snazzy, thin LJs you guys should all be getting! :p

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Fruits Basket [Tohru]

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i have a request...can anyone size this .gif down so i can use it as an icon..i don't know how to do animated icons or how to size them. please? if not, it's ok. i have a b&w one, but i'd rather have this color one! *luffs* (and shadowsvixen, i didn't even think to ask. haha. thanks for suggesting it!)

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Fruits Basket [Tohru]

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Hiya! I come bearing icons and one header. :3 I make lots of headers in my spare time and never use them. :P I can put text on it if you wish. I'm not the greatest icon maker, but i do have fun. :3 and i luffs teh shadowsvixen, so i had to join her comm.

i colored the first nine myself.

-3 Fruits Basket
-6 Vampire Knight (mostly Zero and one Zero/Yuuki)
-5 Avatar The Last Airbender
-1 Death Note

-1 Inuyasha/Kagome header

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