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Medley of Iconz
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A place to post, find, and *gank*(with credits!) iconz of ALL kinds!
Ok, if you've ever wanted a place to post alllll those lovelies you've created, whether they be a Photoshop masterpiece, or a Microsoft Paint P.O.S., or if you are just wandering aimlessly through LJ looking for some pretties, or wanting to request a commission, THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO IT! Iconz are our main focus, but banners are welcome too!

It is not a contest community, nor is it specific to any particular genre/topic (though a good deal will be anime), and anyone is welcome!

Let this serve as a warning: ADULT MATERIAL WILL/MAY BE PRESENT, and that EVERYTHING *GANKED* MUST BE CREDITED! If it is found you have not credited, you will be punished by a very public, very messy internetz death. :] We know people, and they are every where! Like freaking ninjas! Also, IF YOU DID NOT MAKE IT OR RECEIVE THE CREATOR'S PERMISSION TO POST IT, DON'T! If you break any of the veeery few rules, you will be banned, and your life on LJ and on the interwebz will be over as you know it. Lol. But Srsly, yus.

If you would like to become affiliated with all the awesomeness that resides here, we would love the friends! Just contact your humble Moderator, shadowsvixen.

The Few Things Needed to Know

1. All entries must have tags for each type/genre you're posting.
-This makes it easier to find them.

2. All iconz/banners/pretty things will be under a LJ cut. If you don't know how to do this, welcome to Livejournal... here=> http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75 If you are still confused, feel free to ask, it is not a problem. If you forget, I will ask that you please do so.
-This makes the entries clean.

3. You can post them in whatever format you feel like, but for the typical, neat numbered one, this lovely person has done the work for you, be sure to thank her at some point... http://lj.indisguise.org/icontablegenerator.php She is amazingly helpful.

4. I cannot stress enough, so I'll just repeat it: DO NOT GANK W/O CREDIT, DO NOT POST OTHER'S WORK W/O CREDIT, DO NOT BASH, AND DO NOT CRY IF SOMETHING YOU SEE OFFENDS YOU, JUST PUT YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES ON AND DEAL W/ IT OR MOVE ON. If you are found to be doing any of the above, there will be no "Plz stop, that would be nice, k thankx bai!" You will be taken off of here. Simple as that. Before or after you are ripped a new one, I'm not sure yet; just depends on how bad you have upset me :) I don't tolerate theft, and neither should the creators.

5. You can also make posts that are simply requests. For example, if you would like a new icon, or need help with banners for you forum/community, you can request assistance through a post.

6. If ever you need a question answered, are unsure of something, need help, never hesitate to contact the mod(s)!